Diversional Therapist’s

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Diversional Therapy is a resident centred practice that recognises that leisure and recreational experiences are the right of all individuals. Diversional Therapists promote the involvement of residents in leisure, recreation and play by reducing barriers and provides opportunities where the individual may choose to participate. The recreational activities promote self-esteem and personal fulfilment, through an emphasis on holistic care; providing physical, psychological, social, intellectual and spiritual/cultural support.


Diversional Therapy at Ashdale

Here are some examples of the activities taken place at Ashdale

  • Visiting Flower shows and charity events
  • Shopping trips locally and to Pembroke Dock and Haverfordwest
  • Family Fun Day
  • Bingo and Board Games
  • Staff Pantomime such as Jack and the Bean Stalk and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Arts and Crafts activities for charity
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Gentle Exercises
  • Quizzes and food tasting

Chairman Mobility Van

The Chairman Mobility van is a vehicle designed to help accommodate those who are wheelchair bound to be able to experience and enjoy recreational activities outside of the care home. The Chairman Van will carry a wheelchair, two passengers and a driver.

Family members of residents are more than welcome to hire the Chairman to take their relative out for family gatherings or trips out. To hire the Chairman out you must be over 25 years old and have a FULL UK driving licence which is clean from points or convictions. There is a charge for the use of the Chairman Van which you can discuss with management for more information.

A minibus is hired when required, for example – visiting the theatre. We believe it is important to help keep you interested in the community around you.

Ashdale Telegraph Newsletter and the Library

At Ashdale, we have a monthly newspaper that is exclusively for the residents, their relatives and friends. Residents can look through and see all that occurred in the previous month and the ‘What’s on’ sheet lets them know what there is to look forward to. Don’t hesitate to ask for the latest copy!

In the library, there are well over a thousand large print books that you can have a look at. We have our own community songbooks and Carol service books in large print. Audio books are provided by the RNIB for those who are registered with them.

Catering Services

Excellent home cooked meals, (just like mother used to make!) cover a full breakfast, lunch, tea and supper, which, when needed, can be served to you in your room.

Our catering services are specially designed to meet residents’ dietary needs and tastes.

Three years in a row, we here at Ashdale were awarded a Bronze Welsh Food Hygiene Award and have also been awarded the Silver Standard Award.

In 2010 the Food Hygiene Award changed from Standards to Ratings and every year from 2010 to 2015 we have been awarded a rating of 5, this being the highest possible rating.


At Ashdale, we work to a programme designed for each of the resident’s needs. This ranges from mobility, speech defects or rehabilitation to enable them to return to their own home. Great care and communication is given with you, your family and your Doctor. Encouragement is given throughout the day towards your required outcome.

However, it must be said that some people visit Ashdale for a rest and will only require Nursing Care. This decision and choice must be yours.


Visits by family and friends are always welcome. Refreshments are always provided. Meal times are usually busy and if possible would be better to visit either before or after, but of course we understand that sometimes circumstances mean that this is the only time you may be able to visit.


All personal laundry is laundered on the premises at no extra cost by our laundry assistant.

Name tapes are supplied soon after admission but we do advice that you mark all clothes with a pen until the tapes are available for you.

No responsibility can be undertaken by us for clothes that require dry cleaning or special attention.


A local hair dresser calls into the home once a week to cut and/or style residents hair. Appointments can be made to visit a hairdresser in town.


Rev. Roger Jones provides a morning service and communion service every month at Ashdale, all residents are welcome. Special services are given at Easter and Christmas.

Visits can be arranged by ministers of all denominations whose churches are close by. Transport can be arranged to take you to Church as long as adequate notice is given.


Our activities are what really set the highest standards within Ashdale. Bingo and scrabble sessions are particularly popular here; family and friends are encouraged to come along too.

Arts and crafts are a great way to have fun and show your inner talent.

It is very important that residents get some form of physical exercise. Gentle exercises are done with the residents once a week (if they are physically able). Physical exercises range from movement to music to games with the beanbag and soft ball.

Our outside activities cover countryside tours with tea and coffee at restaurants, Ten Pin Bowling, visits to fetes, flowers shows, shopping etc. Also, regular visits are made to the Theatre and to local music functions.

Some of the activities that have been done at Ashdale included taking some of our residents to Bath for a few days, visiting Portugal for a week’s holiday. Five nursing residents and five members of staff enjoyed the sights and sounds of Blackpool.

We make sure that all activities suit resident’s physical needs, as well as their tastes.

All of our staff are enthusiastic and enjoy taking part in any new ideas suggested by the residents.

We celebrate all major annual festivals with special events.

Last year’s Christmas programme is available on request.

The Quality Circle

These meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month. Residents are able to make their feelings known and are welcome to offer ideas on how we can help life at Ashdale. The Quality Circle ensures that the service offered at Ashdale is regularly audited, every client’s view is respected and action has taken place appropriately.

Support and comments from both residents and staff at these important meeting are very much appreciated and taken into account. In addition, residents and their relatives are given the opportunity to voice their opinion of Ashdale in a comprehensive questionnaire given out at regular intervals.

The minutes and actions taken appear on the notice board and on the reverse of the weekly menu on each dining room table.