Categories of Care

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Nursing Care

Here at Ashdale we have thirty-six bedrooms that are designed for 24-hour care, comfort and support provided by our professional team of qualified nurses.

A specially designed programme is used for individual care plans. These care plans are updated and reviewed as and when required.

In-depth meetings are held with the multi-disciplinary team, such as your own Doctor, a Macmillan Nurse, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, etc. These meetings will ensure close monitoring for provision of a high standard of personal care. These are updated and reviewed as required.

Residential Care

We have seven bedrooms’ that are designated for the provision of the care, comfort and support of our residents. Our dedicated staff ensure that Ashdale is a warm and welcoming environment to live in.

We treat our residents with the utmost respect and prioritise the retention of independence and self-esteem of each resident. We do this through activities within the building and in the community.

We are not registered to look after Elderly Mentally infirm and cannot therefore offer care to those who fall under this category of care.

Day Care: Providing quality day care as needed

Assessment and communication are important if you are to receive the form of day care you need.

We have in-depth policies and care plans that evaluate your personal needs and the cost for this form is on a daily basis. If we are able to help in this way, then as the inspection report at the end of this brochure says, “you can be assured of a very happy and rewarding day”.

Rehabilitation: Providing support to rehabilitate you

Ashdale works to a programme designed for each o he resident’s needs whether it is mobility, a speech defector rehabilitation to enable them to return to their own home.

Great care is given to communicate with you, your family and Doctor. Encouragement is then given throughout the day towards the required outcome.

However, it must be said that some people visit Ashdale for a rest and require only Nursing Care. The decision and choice must be yours.

Respite Care: Providing quality care as required

A small but regular band of clients are keen to fill nursing and residential vacancies as they arise, in order to give relief to their home carers and enjoy a holiday for a week or two up here.

Mrs. Alderman and Mrs. Thomas keep in touch with these clients, if you are interested in the possibility of joining our nursing or residential club, please do not hesitate to discuss this option with them.