Letter to You!

Welcome to Ashdale Nursing and Residential Home, Pembroke, SA71 4PR.

A Quality Service.


I am Mrs Sue Harris and have been the proud owner of Ashdale Nursing and Residential Home for the last 28 Years. Let me tell you my story.

My whole life has been dedicated to caring for others. I started my career as a Registered General Nurse progressing to become a Midwife, then a Health Visitor and finally a Nurse Practitioner. I have a passionate interest in tropical diseases and during my voluntary work overseas set up and managed Malnutrition clinics.

Following my return from abroad my life changed direction to caring for the elderly, partly due to my aunt in Cheltenham who needed to move into residential care. This motivated me into providing both a nursing and residential caring service under one all-purpose built building. The reason for this was again due to my aunt deciding to move into a dual registered home so that she did not need to move again if her health deteriorated. Once she was established and comfortable in the home, they were able to look after her even when requiring nursing care.

Entering a new home is difficult but to move a second time can be very upsetting. This is why I felt it was very important to provide all types of caring service under one roof.  Being a nurse owned business ensures that the resident receives those little extras that make a difference to every day life.

Registered Nurses in the building oversee all residents whether they are nursing, residential, respite or day care. This has been proved to encourage independence, hasten rehabilitation and prevent aliments that can be relieved faster if caught at an early stage. Under the supervision of a nurse and highly trained carers, prevention is paramount and can make life that little bit easier.

The other very important factor when you find you cannot do those things you used to do is that you become frustrated. It is important to continue to feel needed in society or helpful to others. Here in Ashdale we have always invested time and money in activities, ours are second to none. We have continuously employed staff solely to follow the previous interests and hobbies of our residents and to encourage new skills and knowledge. For example, one of our residents here organises a very popular music appreciation afternoon every Saturday. This gives her a sense of wellbeing and the other residents a fascinating and informative afternoon.

Over the years the importance of training staff has always been a priority and encouraging young people to develop their skills has  given me personal satisfaction. Not only have we managed to retain staff for long periods but also moved them into higher education and seen them develop into Registered Nurses. In the local Hospitals there are several Nurses who started their caring careers here at Ashdale. It makes me proud to see them.

So, why should you choose Ashdale rather than another home? Well, we have happy, enthusiastic staff that work as a team and enjoy all aspects of care. From the house keepers to the manager, they are all totally committed to looking after our residents, giving the same care they would give to their own parents or grandparents.

We provide all types of services. We have a self-contained flat that allows someone to enjoy their own company but also gives them the reassurance that there is help at hand if required. We offer day care, with three meals and activities all included. Our respite care is popular and allows home carers to take a break knowing that their loved one is well looked after. The residential service promotes independence and individuality. The Quality circle meeting held every first Thursday in the month allows everyone to have their say and express any concerns they may have, allowing us to listen and change things when necessary. We also provide an overnight post hospital procedure package for those who require companionship after receiving medical treatment such as endoscopy or cataract operation. Our wheelchair friendly transport can be arranged with prior notice.

The Nursing care has the added advantage  of  experienced, highly trained Registered Nurses and carers working with families and medical staff to give the best form of individual service you can receive. The staff are all proud of the care they provide and encourage their families to use Ashdale themselves. The fact that the second generation of the same family are now using our services demonstrates our high commitment to quality care.

Our Inspection reports over the last 27 years comment on our dedication to providing healthy, delicious meals (5* Food Hygiene Rating), the high standard of services and many other positive statements. We have designated cleaners in the evenings and night to keep corridors and kitchens that are constantly in use during the day, lovely and fresh. I could go on about the facilities but  the inspections and regulations we have to abide by ensures all the homes have to keep a high standard of basic services. What Ashdale delivers is dignity, respect, care and love when you need it most.

If you are interested, for now or for the future, please ask for a brochure or you can follow us on Facebook.

I would like to thank my Husband, Charley, the  staff at Ashdale, all of our wonderful resident’s past and present and the local business’ that support us. Without them we would be just another home.

Anyway enough of me, now I would like to hear from you.  Take the first step and give us a call on 01646 681037 or 01646 681008 and ask for Denise Alderman, Manager, or Linda Thomas, Assistant Manager.